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Collegiate Advisory Placement Service LLC is an independent educational consulting firm offering services to families as they plan for the educational future of their student. Since 1984 we have offered consultation opportunities and placement options for students from elementary through post graduate education throughout the United States and globally.

We believe that one of the most important decisions a family can make during the admission search is to find the school that is just right for the individual student. Whether middle school, high school, college, graduate school, or a therapeutic school, we can help find the match that best meets the needs of the student and the parents. Finding the correct and perfect match for both the student and the school requires expertise and experience, and as independent educational consultants we play an important role in this process. Collegiate Advisory Placement Service offers a personalized approach utilizing vast resources and years of experience and accumulated expertise to assist in making this match. We firmly believe in keeping up to date on the latest trends in education, which is why we continually attend conferences and workshops and visit individual campuses to ensure that we are current on all information pertinent to matching students and educational facilities.

Collegiate Advisory Placement Service provides a diverse range of services including placement for Troubled or Struggling Teens. We regularly visit all types of therapeutic programs and know their people, their programs, and their philosophy.

Collegiate Advisory Placement Service follows the ethical code of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, which governs the actions of consultants in their relationships between students and their families, schools and professional colleagues. In accordance with this code, Collegiate Advisory Placement Service does not accept any compensation from educational or therapeutic institutions for placement of a student, thereby ensuring that the match or recommendation is a the direct result of an independent opinion based on experience and expertise and has been developed solely for the benefit of the client.

As an advocate for the student throughout the entire school selection process, our goal is to insure that the student is provided with the most appropriate selection of schools from which to choose and the support necessary for a successful outcome. We also guide the parents towards making a wise decision. We are confident that you will be provided with a professional approach throughout the school selection process by Collegiate Advisory Placement Service.

Nancy W. Cadwallader

Nancy W. Cadwallader

Nancy W. Cadwallader, CEP, has been a member of the Collegiate Advisory Placement Service team since it was founded. She received her BFA from Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University and her MFA from Tulane University. She has been an active volunteer in her church, community and throughout the region as well as on many college and university campuses throughout the United States. She has been a frequent speaker and presentor at Conferences such as IECA, SACAC, Small Boarding Schools and local and state seminars. Nancy is active in IECA and has served on the Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, Parliamentarian, as well as a member of the long range task force committee. As a Certified Educational Planner she regularly attends and participates in workshops and conferences for continuing education in the areas of ADD/ADHD, Psychological Testing Evaluations; Learning Disabilities/Learning Styles; Behavior Management; Adoption Issues; College Trends; as well as Graduate/Professional Schools testing and procedures. She travels throughout the United States to visit colleges/universities, boarding schools, as well as behavioral and emotional growth programs. In November 2010, Nancy was honored by the Independent Small Alliance Programs for her service to the profession and students.